Taban Andish Berjis

Taban Andish Berjis is an active company in the field of high-tech including nanotechnology, that provides consultation, management and implementation in this field with the help of experienced experts, Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council and Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology.

Our Goal

We aim at encouraging innovation in present products of different industries, thus making new products with novel and unique properties which are capable of developing the market for our clients and enhance their competitive status. In other words, Taban Andish Berjis paves the way for manufacturing innovative products with distinct quality using nanotechnology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create distinct characteristics in the final products of manufacturers using Nanotechnology in a way that it does not cause any troubles in their production procedure, while it results in outstanding and unique properties in the product. This may lead to a higher status among other competitors in the associated market.

Our Vision

We are determined to make progress in synthesizing nanomaterials with brand new properties having applications in a wide range of industries using novel methods of nanomaterials production. We are intent upon expanding our business in other countries in the Middle East besides European countries. We are doing our most to provide suitable procedures for each industrialist in order for them to be able to benefit from outstanding applications of nanotechnology in their products.