Nanotechnology in Polymer

Nanotechnology in Polymer

The use of nanotechnology in polymers is one of the most popular areas for current research and development. This includes tissue engineering, polymer nanocomposites matrices, polycondensation polymerization, block copolymer nanocomposites, bio-hybrid polymer nanofiber and etc. Research of polymers and nanotechnology primarily focuses on efforts to design materials at a molecular level to achieve desirable properties and applications at a macroscopic level. With this broad focus, research ranges from fundamental scientific investigations of the interactions, properties and assembly of such molecular constituents to applied, engineering efforts that translate such fundamental information to futuristic technological advances.

Polymer nanotechnology mostly refers to polymeric nanocomposites. The presence of nanomaterials in polymeric composites results in enhanced properties such as:

  • physical properties including thermal stability, transparency, heat distortion temperature, etc.
  • mechanical properties including tensile, flexural strength, Young’s modulus, etc.
  • …….

The applications of nanocomposites contain producing external parts of automobiles, packaging films, containers of drinks, polymeric pipes, cables and wire coatings, flame retardant plastics, nanofibers, electrical applications, drug delivery systems, construction, household appliances, etc.

Our company has been conducting research in this area for a long time. Some projects have reached the commercialization step and some are still being worked on.

Finished Projects:

  • Manufacturing antibacterial polymeric master batch having different polymer basis such as PE, ABS, PET, PP, Polyester, PC, being used in a variety of industries including household appliances and textile.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Manufacturing polymeric master batch with enhanced mechanical properties for use in household appliances and food packaging.
  • Manufacturing bio-degradable polymers based on PE, PP, etc.
  • Producing flame and fire retardant polymers for textile.
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