Taghdis Porcelain (Hydrophobic)

Taghdis Porcelain (Hydrophobic)

Another achievement of our company in collaboration with Taghdis Porcelain, is hydrophobic porcelain with the help of nanotechnology. Dark stains of tea, coffee and … usually forms on the porcelain surface due to delayed washing. Using hydrophobic and antistain coatings cause the liquids not to be absorbed by the surface. Therefore, stains of such liquids would not form on the porcelain surface. This product was able to enter the national and international markets as the first nano-coated porcelain product, after 3 years of research, experiments and laboratory syntheses, and achieving nanoscale, health and international certificates.


Easy and fast washing

Color stability of the glaze when exposed to any kind of food and liquid (tea, coffee)

No need for drying the dish after washing

Keeping the quality of glaze and the printed flowers

Important tips when using this product

The nano-coating of this product in resistant to different kinds of detergents, washing machines and washing sponge, but like any other surface, it needs protection so that it can stay longer on the surface. Therefore, washing with small amount of detergent and sponge is highly recommended.


Nanoscale Certificate

Hygiene and Health Certificate from Food and Drug Administration

Registered in Geneva, Switzerland.