Nanotechnology in Ceramics

Nanotechnology in Ceramics and Porcelain

In a relatively short time, the field of nanostructured materials has expanded from a novel area of research to a technology with a significant and rapidly growing commercial sector. Ceramics is one of the fields where nanoscience and nanotechnology have shown remarkable progress, producing a variety of advanced materials with unique properties and performance.

Ceramics and tiles are used in different parts of a building such as kitchen, bathroom and exterior design. Surfaces are prone to dirt, bacterial growth and UV rays. So it is of high importance to prepare ceramics with the ability to repel dirt and dust as self-cleaning surfaces, being anti-UV and anti-bacterial.

This company has been able to achieve such properties in ceramics and porcelain with the help of nanotechnology. Our projects are as follows:

Finished Projects:

  • Producing antibacterial porcelain with a long-lasting effect
  • Producing self-cleaning porcelain (hydrophobic)

Ongoing Projects:

  • Preparing ceramic biscuits with reduced amount of starting materials but with the same quality in order to reduce the primary costs.
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