Taghdis Porcelain (Antibacterial)

Taghdis Porcelain

Producing antibacterial porcelain by adding antibacterial nanomaterials in glaze is another achievement of our company in cooperation with Taghdis Porcelain company. By achieving Nanoscale Certificate, this company was able to present its product in the national market. Due to the fact that used nanomaterials are food-grade, this product is without any risks for human body. Besides, the used nanomaterials are compatible with the porcelain glaze so they become part of the dishes when they are mixed with glaze and heated to cover the dishes. Therefore, the dishes enhanced with nanotechnology possess long-term antibacterial properties, and their properties do not fade by washing. They will only lose their antibacterial property if the glaze is removed from the surface. Based on the company’s reports, this product has no similar samples with antibacterial characteristics in Iran’s market, and foreign samples are not very cost-effective compared to this one.

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